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  • Ep. 157: Jeff Hoffman On The Art Of Sales

    John's long-term mentor joins us for a spirited conversation about how many sales reps are too focused on the science of their work, and not the art of sales. Top tier sales reps focus more on the art of sales and trusting their gut instincts when talking to prospects. It's time to get back to wo...

  • Ep. 156: Morgan Ingram On Building A Sales Career

    Our very own Morgan J Ingram joins us on the podcast this week to talk about how he built his sales career, where he went wrong and how he's turned weaknesses into strengths along the way. We're living in strange times and things are changing quickly, it's a good time to take stock of what you're...

  • Ep. 155: Meg Holsinger On Nailing Customer Success

    Today's podcast guest joined our team a few months before recording this episode, and she's crushing it working with our customers and clients. Megan Holsinger joins us to talk about her perspective on Customer Success, where it goes wrong and how most sales teams can conduct a better handover to...

  • Ep. 154: Daryll Praill On Becoming A Master Of Follow-Up

    What does great follow-up look like? Darryl Praill, CMO of VanillaSoft joins us on the podcast this week to talk about how his team follows up on marketing leads, where he sees common mistakes still happening in prospecting and how to fix them. He shares the exact formula his reps use along with ...

  • Ep. 153: Greg Segall - Prospecting Personalization

    This week, a friend of the JB Sales team joins us on the podcast. Greg Segall, CEO of Alyce joins John to talk about what real personalization looks like in sales. It's not about name dropping the college your prospect went to in your outreach! Here's what's working right now...

  • Ep. 152: Trish Bertuzzi - On The Future Of SDR Teams

    This week, John turns to his good friend Trish Bertuzzi to look at what the future of SDR teams is going to look like. Trish has unearthed tons of amazing data about how SDR teams are performing and being tracked right now, and has formed her opinion on where the SDR role is headed in the future ...

  • Ep. 151: Kyle Porter - Open & Honest Insights On The Last 90 Days As A CEO

    Like everything in the world over the past few months, business has been tough. Leading a team and making decisions is never simple. Kyle Porter, CEO of SalesLoft joins us on the podcast to reveal what it's been like behind the scenes at a high growth software company. Kyle and his team have had ...

  • Ep. 150: Tyler Lessard - The Anatomy Of A Great Prospecting Video

    Our team is seeing a huge rise in results from video prospecting. After reviewing results from meetings booked over the past few months, video was the biggest source by a long way. Following his webinar with Morgan on how to use video in your sales process, Tyler Lessard joins us on the podcast t...

  • Ep. 149: Justin Welsh - Building An Industry Leading Personal Brand

    Justin Welsh is our guest on this episode of the podcast. If you haven't seen Justin's content on LinkedIn, you've probably been hiding under a rock. Justin shares exactly how he has built and continues to build his personal brand. There's a few great stories in this episode too, including a firs...

  • Ep. 148: Devin Reed - When Prospects Say "I Need To Think"

    Have you ever heard a prospect say "I need to think"? Chances are, you've heard this a lot. Devin Reed is the man behind all of the content and data experiments you see coming from, and he's with us on this episode of the podcast to expose the latest surprising data he's uncovered. Hearin...

  • Ep. 147: Amy Volas - Addressing Layoffs in Sales

    Layoffs are hitting sales teams hard. People everywhere are losing jobs, laying off their team and looking for their next move. Now is the perfect time to think about which roles and which companies will suit your strengths best. To help you do that, we're welcoming Amy Volas back onto the podcas...

  • Ep. 145: Melanie Fellay - Learning & Continuous Development For Sales Reps

    How do sales reps stay right on top of their game with every interaction with prospects and buyers? No training session or coaching can 100% guarantee that. Just-In-Time learning gets you as close as possible to that, which is why Spekit CEO Melanie Fellay joins us on the podcast. She shares grea...

  • Ep. 142: JB Sales Executive Team - What's Changed?

    We've moved away from the usual format for this episode of the podcast and pulled in the JB Sales leadership team to discuss what's going on right now. We don't have the silver bullet to dealing with everything that's going on, but we've taken proactive steps and they're helping. In this episode,...

  • Ep. 131: Drew D'Agostino - Using Personality Types In Sales

    Drew D'Agostino joins us on the podcast this week to share insight into the key personality types sales reps will encounter. Everyone is different, which means they respond well to different types of information. It's our job to understand this and make sure we put our best foot forward, with eac...

  • Ep. 124: Scott Leese - Motivation, Goals & Ambition

    We're pleased to have a friend of the team on the podcast this week, Scott Leese. In this episode, Scott brings amazing insight into how he dealt with serious health issues and still climbed the ladder in his sales career, as well as how you can replicate his process. Stay tuned for:

    Mastering M...

  • Ep. 114: Sydney Sloan - Taking Charge Of Your Sales Career

    This week we’re proud to have Sydney Sloan join us on the podcast. Sydney leads marketing at SalesLoft as their CMO. In this episode Sydney and John talk about what a sales career looks like right now and how you can climb the career ladder. Highlights include:

    Leveraging networks you didn't kn...

  • Ep. 106: Sam Jacobs - Founder Of Revenue Collective

    Sam Jacobs is the founder of Revenue Collective and host of the Sales Hacker Podcast. We chat about being a sales leader in 2019.

    Topics covered in this episode include

    Shrinking tenures of sales leaders

    The dangers of common equity vs preferred equity

    Best practices for setting up sales en...

  • Ep. 104: Josh Braun - Founder Of Sales DNA

    Josh Braun, former client and founder of Sales DNA joins me in a somewhat different episode.

    Normally before we start recording John and the guest will warm up and go over what we talk about on the podcast.

    This conversation was so good, and covers a story I've told often in training about goin...

  • Ep. 103: Kasey Jones - Marketing & Sales

    Kasey Jones, is a marketing leadership coach and founder of A Better Jones, a demand gen agency that helps startups grow faster.

    Shifting from doing marketing at a large organization to early-stage company

    How marketing can learn from sales

    Having a sales or marketing background when you aren’...

  • Ep. 102: Brian Ludwig - SVP At CVENT

    Brian Ludwig, SVP of Sales at CVENT joins me this week to talk careers and events.

    We talk about:

    Staying at CVENT for 19 years

    Why you shouldn’t be distracted chasing OTE

    Maximizing your ROI at events

    Live events are the second most influential channel behind a company’s website

    The impor...

  • Ep. 101: Shawn Fowler - VP Of Enablement, SalesLoft

    Shawn Fowler has something that's very unusual in the corporate world a PhD.

    He's also VP of Sales Enablement at SalesLoft.

    We talk about culture, sales enablement and engagement, and the transition from academia to the corporate world, and how that translates.

    Check out SalesLoft's Hey Salesp...

  • Ep. 99: Keenan - Gap Selling

    Antagonist, author, and consultant Keenan to talk about his Gap Selling methodology. The gap is the state between the current state and the future state. Gap selling helps you challenge your customers with the status quo.

    What our job in sales is today

    How to help customers discover and open u...

  • Ep. 98: Tim Bertrand - Chief Sales Officer

    Tim Bertrand, Chief Sales Officer, shares his story having done just about every role in sales. We talk about building a sales organization that consistently wins and

    Approaching different sales organization styles

    Sales as a way of increasing customer experience

    When SDRs shouldn't do a disc...

  • Ep. 97: Chris Voss - Negotiations & Tactical Empathy

    Chris Voss, author of Never Split the Difference and CEO of the Black Swan Group joins me to talk about everything negotiations and using tactical empathy day to day.

    Difference between hostage and business negotiation

    Truly listening

    Dangers of win-win mindset

    When you enter a negotiation