Megan Holsinger's Webinars

Megan Holsinger's Webinars

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Megan Holsinger's Webinars
  • How To Drive Urgency And Get Your Deals To Close Faster

    In this webinar, JB Sales teamed up with Proposify to teach you what urgency actually is, how to uncover it, and how it can be used to get buyers to act - now.

    Thank you to our partner, Proposify.

  • How to Turn Customer Success into Sales Success

    Join James Buckley, Megan Holsinger, and Allen Beers as they show you what you need to know to reach the right people and grow a stronger network within an account. Customer success and sales should go hand in hand, and in this Masterclass, you’ll learn how to begin to make it happen.

    Thank you ...