• Ep. 114: Taking Charge Of Your Sales Career With Sydney Sloan

    This week we’re proud to have Sydney Sloan join us on the podcast. Sydney leads marketing at SalesLoft as their CMO. In this episode Sydney and John talk about what a sales career looks like right now and how you can climb the career ladder. Highlights include:

    Leveraging networks you didn't kn...

  • Ep. 106: Sam Jacobs - Founder Of Revenue Collective

    Sam Jacobs is the founder of Revenue Collective and host of the Sales Hacker Podcast. We chat about being a sales leader in 2019.

    Topics covered in this episode include

    Shrinking tenures of sales leaders

    The dangers of common equity vs preferred equity

    Best practices for setting up sales en...

  • Ep. 104: Josh Braun - Founder Of Sales DNA

    Josh Braun, former client and founder of Sales DNA joins me in a somewhat different episode.

    Normally before we start recording John and the guest will warm up and go over what we talk about on the podcast.

    This conversation was so good, and covers a story I've told often in training about goin...

  • Ep. 103: Kasey Jones - Marketing & Sales

    Kasey Jones, is a marketing leadership coach and founder of A Better Jones, a demand gen agency that helps startups grow faster.

    Shifting from doing marketing at a large organization to early-stage company

    How marketing can learn from sales

    Having a sales or marketing background when you aren’...

  • Ep. 102: Events With Brian Ludwig - SVP At CVENT

    Brian Ludwig, SVP of Sales at CVENT joins me this week to talk careers and events.

    We talk about:

    Staying at CVENT for 19 years

    Why you shouldn’t be distracted chasing OTE

    Maximizing your ROI at events

    Live events are the second most influential channel behind a company’s website

    The impor...

  • Ep. 101: Shawn Fowler - VP Of Enablement, SalesLoft

    Shawn Fowler has something that's very unusual in the corporate world a PhD.

    He's also VP of Sales Enablement at SalesLoft.

    We talk about culture, sales enablement and engagement, and the transition from academia to the corporate world, and how that translates.

    Check out SalesLoft's Hey Salesp...

  • Ep. 99: Keenan - Gap Selling

    Antagonist, author, and consultant Keenan to talk about his Gap Selling methodology. The gap is the state between the current state and the future state. Gap selling helps you challenge your customers with the status quo.

    What our job in sales is today

    How to help customers discover and open u...

  • Ep. 98: Tim Bertrand - Chief Sales Officer

    Tim Bertrand, Chief Sales Officer, shares his story having done just about every role in sales. We talk about building a sales organization that consistently wins and

    Approaching different sales organization styles

    Sales as a way of increasing customer experience

    When SDRs shouldn't do a disc...

  • Ep. 97: Negotiations & Tactical Empathy With Chris Voss

    Chris Voss, author of Never Split the Difference and CEO of the Black Swan Group joins me to talk about everything negotiations and using tactical empathy day to day.

    Difference between hostage and business negotiation

    Truly listening

    Dangers of win-win mindset

    When you enter a negotiation

  • Ep. 96: Sales Coaching With Rob Jeppsen

    Rob Jeppsen is just as passionate as I am when it comes to sales coaching.

    In this episode, we cover:

    The problem with coaching in most sales organizations

    How to improve coaching in your sales team

    1:1s vs Pipeline review - 1:1 should be all about how they can improve

    Weaknesses are weak...

  • Ep. 95: Account Based Marketing & Sales Marketing Alignment With Latane Conant

    From selling old and dusty mainframes to the latest PaSS and SaSS, Scott has sold just about everything in tech before getting into consulting.

    East coast vs west coast mentality

    Getting better coaching from your managers

    GAS - Give a s**t quotient

    Split test anything and everything that’s ...

  • Ep. 94: Coaching And Scaling With Scott Crawford

    From selling old and dusty mainframes to the latest PaSS and SaSS, Scott has sold just about everything in tech before getting into consulting.

    East coast vs west coast mentality

    Getting better coaching from your managers

    GAS - Give a s**t quotient

    Split test anything and everything that’s ...

  • Ep. 93: Sandler Sales Training CEO Dave Mattson

    Dave Mattson, CEO and President of Sandler Sales Training joins me to talk about training, working collaboratively, and how to be successful in sales.

    Some takeaways from this episode

    Working 3x Harder Doesn’t make you 3X More Succesful

    How to work together with “the competition"

    Your pro...

  • Ep. 92: David Bloom - Level Jump

    David Bloom, CEO of Level Jump and I talk about training with sales teams

    How sales reps learn differently

    Habits of sales reps early on to be successful

    The best advice we’ve received early in our careers

    What training and onboarding should look

    Learning to talk holistically with your pro...

  • Ep. 90: Buyer Intent Data With Ed Marsh

    John and Ed have been doing business since the early 2000s! We get caught up and touch on

    Buyer intent data - from body language to website behavior

    First party, second party, and third party intent data

    What pages are they viewing? Enterprise pricing or startup versions

    Ways to gather data ...

  • Ep. 89: Jason Bay Co-Founder/CRO Blissful Prospecting

  • Ep. 88: Kyle Porter - CEO, Salesloft

  • Ep. 87: Perception vs. Reality With Melanie Fellay, CEO, Spekit

  • Ep. 86: Henry Schuck, Discover Org

    Henry Schuck, Co-founder and CEO of Discover Org and I talk about

    The key to getting started and the importance of getting started in your 20s

    Common and less common triggers but also intent behind them

    Mergers and acquisitions

    Important of maintaining culture and free lunches and perks


  • Ep. 85: Discovery Calls With Charles Muhlbauer

    Charles Muhlbauer, founder of SalesShare The Discovery Call Specialists, joins me to talk about discovery calls. We talk about:

    What makes discovery so important

    What can reps do better?

    What makes a good discover good

    Knowing when to pitch and when to have a conversation

    Why John doesn’t b...

  • Ep. 84: Switching Careers Into Sales With Chrissi Beck

    Christine Beck talks about her switch from a career in science and culinary into sales, and quickly rising up.

    We hit on:

    Working your ass off

    Ask for more than is being asked of you

    Be a scientist in your approach

    Asking for a mentor

    Tips for farming and selling to existing customers

  • Ep. 82: Sales Coaching With Tom Lavery

    Tom Lavery, CEO of Jiminny, joins John to talk about sales coaching. How to be a better coach, ask for coaching, and provide coaching.

    Lessons from being acquired by private equity twice

    How Millenials are looking for real-time feedback

    Making feedback and coaching efficient for everyone


  • Ep. 81: Active Listening With Oscar Trimboli

    Here are three quick takeaways from this episode of Make It Happen Mondays to help you become a more active listener from our guest Oscar Trimboli.

    Stay focused and eliminate distractions

    The deeper you breathe, the deeper you listen

    Always have a glass of water. A hydrated brain is a listen...

  • Ep. 78: Mental Health And Self-Care With Tim Clarke

    Tim Clarke, who runs product marketing for CPQ at Salesforce, shares a very personal journey about losing his father, and the toll that it took on his physical and mental well being.

    Some items we touch on

    Warning signs and indicators you may need to take a break

    The importance of paying att...