Driving to Close

Driving to Close

The Driving to Close course is designed to improve the quality of interactions and executions throughout your sales process. You will learn actionable techniques for maintaining urgency, handling objections, negotiating and closing out deals.

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Driving to Close
  • Session 1 - Objective Negotiations

    In this session we discuss the main goal of negotiations, when to negotiate and the importance of objectivity and equality throughout the entire process.

    You will walk away with:
    - The ultimate goal of negotiations and when to negotiate
    - The difference between Quid Pro Quo and the Rule of Reci...

  • Session 2a - Meeting Execution

    In this session we explore how to put structure into our preparation, execution and follow up to meetings that will put us in the best position possible for a positive outcome.

    You will walk away with:
    - Why meetings are so challenging
    - How to develop a checklist to prepare for meetings effici...

  • Session 2b - Questioning Skills

    In this session we review the art and science of questioning and how to use the various types of questioning at the different stages of the sales process to get what we want.

    You will walk away with:
    - An understanding of open-ended, close-ended and layering questions and when and how to use ea...

  • Session 2c - The Perfect Meeting

    In this session we walk through a process for how to prepare for meetings with the Perfect Meeting structure with the goal of elevating our questioning and the engagement level of the client.

    You will walk away with:
    - Why most meetings are a waste of time based on the approach we take as sales...

  • Session 3 - Proactive Objection Handling

    In this session we explore why objections are so challenging for most sales reps to deal with and how to put ourselves in the best position possible to handle them effectively.

    You will walk away with:
    - The reason the client usually wins when it comes to objections
    - Why it’s so important to b...

  • Session 4 - Closing

    In this session we talk about the challenge of closing and why it’s important to not only think of closing at the end of the sale process. Closing happens at every stage of the sales process and we need to practice and use the various techniques to be successful.

    You will walk away with:
    - The ...

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