• The Great Debate Around Hot Sales Leads: Speed vs Accuracy

    This webinar dives into what the data says about the most optimal approach to turning sales leads into sales opportunities and provides answers to one of the most pressing debates in sales management today.

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  • How to Get High-Quality Sales Referrals You Can Use to Your Advantage

    In this webinar, a panel of experts share their proven strategies and top tips for the best time to ask for referrals and how to ask for them the right way.

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  • Data-Driven Email Strategies to Book More Meetings and Close More Deals

    Watch JB Sales and Gong as they present you with actionable tips you can start using today to completely revamp how you communicate via email with your potential customers.

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  • How to Be a Better Closer and Increase Your Close Rate by 20%

    Watch the JB Sales team and Jordan Lucas - the fastest mover from SDR to AE in company history - as they share with you the tactical tips (not theories) to close deals in the trenches.

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  • How Salespeople Can Create Content That Converts Into Sales Conversations

    Join a full roster of sales content practitioners and learn the steps you can take today to start making magnetic content in order to help you book more meetings!

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  • The Ultimate Masterclass to Become a Cold Prospecting Expert

    This webinar offers a path toward cold prospecting mastery across the trifecta of effective sales outreach: social selling, cold calling, and cold emails.

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  • 3 Warning Signs Your Deal Is In Danger

    With this webinar, you’ll discover 3 indicators that can predict deal failure and provide you with an opportunity to avert disaster.

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  • How To Get Deals Unstuck In The Proposal Phase

    Join James Buckley with guest Daniel Hebert as they show you how to create buyer-friendly deliverables, leverage metrics and video, and find the right people to help you push through the stall and get back on track.

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  • How to Overcome the Top 3 Sales Objections

    Watch John Barrows with guest Jeff Hoffman as they share the most common - and most consequential - sales objections reps encounter during every phase of the deal.

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  • Modern-Day Cold Calling Strategies for Booking More Meetings

    James Buckley, Nick Cegelski, and Sarah Brazier explore what works and what doesn’t today in cold calling, giving participants things to test and try as soon as they end the session and can get to a phone.

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  • How to Increase Win Rates When Selling to Decision Makers

    Join John Barrows, James Buckley, and Devin Reed in a no-nonsense, data-backed, facts-based conversation about improving win rates by interacting more effectively with the most important people in any account: the Decision Makers.

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  • Tactical Ways for Salespeople to Leverage LinkedIn Sales Navigator in 2021

    LinkedIn Sales Navigator is too powerful of a tool to be underutilized. Watch Morgan J. Ingram, Gabe Villamizar, and James Buckley give you immediate tactics you can start using now to see results.

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  • The World is Flat: Selling Differences Between US and EMEA

    To help you translate your selling game to EMEA, we held a Masterclass with international sales experts John Barrows, Ollie Sharpe, and Geoff Surkamer.

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  • Tactical Sales Engagement Plays from the Experts' Playbook

    Learn how you can adopt the innovative plays crafted by the industry’s top experts in this webinar featuring Chris Merrill, Lily Linquata, and Brad Ansley.

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  • How to Write Persona-Based Messaging That Converts (Into More Meetings)

    Watch John Barrows, Leslie Douglas, and Ashleigh Early, Founder and CEO of the “The Other Side of Sales” podcast & The Other Sales Coach walk you through the process of connecting what you want to say to what your target needs to hear through persona-based sales messaging.

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  • The Right Info at the Right Time: How to Grow Sales with Sales Reinforcement

    Watch John Barrows and Melanie Fellay, CEO and Co-Founder of Spekit - the highest-rated digital adoption & enablement platform for in-app training - in this webinar that will teach you how to deliver critical data and insights to your team through sales reinforcement.

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  • How to Turn Customer Success into Sales Success

    Join James Buckley, Megan Holsinger, and Allen Beers as they show you what you need to know to reach the right people and grow a stronger network within an account. Customer success and sales should go hand in hand, and in this Masterclass, you’ll learn how to begin to make it happen.

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  • How To Write a Cold Email That Converts in 2021 (Round 2!)

    We are back for round 2! Watch John Barrows, James Buckley, and Kyle Coleman in this live Masterclass to find out what to do - and what not to do - when it comes to crafting winning cold emails. Take the feedback provided by our panel of experts and use your new arsenal of wordsmithing weapons to...

  • Innovative Ways to Build More Sales Pipeline in 2021

    Watch James Buckley, Leslie Douglas, and Brianna Valleskey show you how to connect with customers and drive more revenue with creativity, innovation, and - every buyer’s favorite word - personalization.

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  • 7 Data-Backed Sales Tips to Never Miss Quota Again

    Watch Morgan J. Ingram and Devin Reed discuss the top 7 data-backed sales tips from 2020 that you can start implementing to hit your sales numbers and never miss quota again!

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  • How to Book 2x More Meetings Using Personalized Video

  • How to Land Your Dream Sales Job in 2021

  • How to Build a Video Prospecting Framework

  • Creative Strategies for Selling to the C-Suite in 2021